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Review ✨ Hairapeutix Pre Shampoo Treatment

Can you keep a secret?...On Saturday night when my boyfriend left the house to watch the boxing, I immediately ran to my beauty cupboard filled with all kinds of mysterious lotions, potions and scary face masks which I use to make myself look fabulous but aren’t socially unacceptable to apply in front of him. He has no idea that all this beautifying sorcery goes on behind closed doors however I did give the poor postman the fright of his life last week after answering the door with a bright green facemask on…It’s safe to say Colin hasn’t looked me in the eye since but my skin is a lot clearer. Swings and roundabouts.

With this being said on Saturday night I decided the first product on my beauty hit list would be the Hairapeutix Pre Shampoo Treatment. Originally intended for nourishing, hydrating and restoring shine to tired hair extensions, this oil mask is also amazing on natural hair; so I decided to treat myself and my favourite grey wig.

After applying this heavenly smelling treatment from mid lengths to ends, I sat like a glamorous baby seal marinating for 30 minutes. You can leave this on for longer if desired and I’ve read a lot of reviews saying it’s also fab to leave on over night, which I think I will try next time.

After washing off and drying as usual I could instantly feel the difference and the benefits of all the amazing oils packed into this formula (Coconut, Olive, Almond, Amla and Avocado Oil…dreamy).

I love how luxurious this product feels and smells yet is still so affordable! As well as being cruelty free, vegan and containing no nasties (silicone free and paraben free). I couldn’t fault this product and would happily cover my hair/ wig/ life/ everyone I know in it!

Hairapeutix Pre Shampoo Treatment

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