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50 Shades of Fabulous ✨ Top 3 Tips For Making Your Wig Look Natural

After working in a hairdressers every Saturday from age 13 - 18 in my stepmum’s salon HeadTurners; it's safe to say I've had my hair more different colours than I've had hot dinners…and I bloody love dinner.

From bright reds to barney the dinosaur purples, blonde highlights to turquoise magical mermaid hair, my towels have never looked so awful.

Growing up, every other week my Mum would say “If you keep dying your hair it’ll all fall out” and being a teenager I thought what does she know…turns out, loads! When I was 19 I decided to dye my hair an ambitious ombre of pillar box red roots into shocking pink and platinum blonde ends; I felt like a fabulous my little pony. 3 days later I washed my multicoloured mane for the first time and to my horror huge clumps of hair started breaking off in my hands. Trying to hold back tears and not punch myself in the face I realised…I should have listened to Mum!

I'm now 26 and although not any taller, I am wiser…slightly. So instead of bleaching my hair again, after lusting after gorgeous greys on Pinterest (that sounds like I was perving on old ladies), I decided if it's good enough for Kimmy K and Sarah Ashcroft, I'm wiggin it honeyyyyz.

The grey ombre wig I ordered was from a company called K'ryssma who you can buy from on Amazon. They offer an array of different colours and lengths but wanting it to be more realistic I bought a similar length to my own hair 22inches. The night before it arrived I spent hours on YouTube watching videos on the best ways to customise my wig to look as natural as possible.

So here are my Top 3 Tips For Making Your Wig Look Natural -

1. Baby Powder is your best friend. Some synthetic wigs can be very shiny and whilst we all love glossy locks; if your wig is looking a little too much like a hen do prop, give it a little dusting of baby powder for a magnifying effect.

2. I know most of our lives we’ve all wondered what the purpose of baby hair is, other than sticking up in all the wrong places. Many of us forget it’s there until we’re in a rush or having school photos taken that will be displayed on our Nan’s wall for years and scare off all potential boyfriends. However, when it comes to making your wig look real, baby hair where you at?! Take tweezers and carefully pluck some hairs shorter around the front of your wig, especially where it parts, this will make your hairpiece look seamless and more realistic.

3. With a thin makeup brush very lightly apply concealer or skin coloured powder along the wig’s parting. Remember you can always add more so best to start with a light hand for a subtle blend.

Grey Ombre Wig - http://amzn.to/2HCCMuQ

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